From PR & Digital to Social Media, Branding & Design, we’re experts in each field & most importantly in making them work together.


The MAGI are a team of communication specialists dedicated to helping you get the most out of your marketing budget. The process begins by meeting with one of our team to discover needs and develop effective strategies to optimize your marketing plan.

From a detailed analysis of business goals, current market trends and other critical data, our research team understands results-focused management, and over the years has learned a great deal about what kind of approach yields the best results. As a MAGI client, you can access our expertise to meet any strategic challenge.


A brand’s long-term success depends on its relevance. In today’s global marketplace where the majority of commerce and social interaction is shifting online, staying relevant depends on a solid and relentless digital branding strategy.

When your brand strategy is effectively executed time and again, you’ll achieve increased demand, greater share of wallet, and loyalty levels your competitors will envy.

At MAGI, we perform due diligence to understand your market, differentiate you from key competitors and position your company as a brand leader through a winning, repeatable strategy.


We believe in human-centered design, where the consumer is at the heart of a company’s marketing strategy. This requires a deep understanding of your customers, and we incorporate  traditional methods along with cutting-edge consumer insights and big data analytics to help your messages cut through the noise.

Whether you’re undergoing a digital transformation, or looking to expand your current marketing toolbox, we can design world-class digital and mobile experiences for your customers that get at not only their functional requirements, but also cater to deeper emotional and aspirational needs.


At MAGI, we believe your creative content should engage customers with a balanced story, meaningful substance to help inform purchase decisions, and with a style that generates excitement about your brand. That’s why our communications connect with audiences so effectively. They’re logical and personal. Strategic and creative. For B2B and B2C audiences alike.

From broadcast television through radio and print advertising, social media through mobile app design, our award-winning creative team can get your campaign moving and capture the imagination of your audience. Whether it’s a complex message or a unique selling point, exceed your objectives with us.

Our Clients

The MAGI have worked with hundreds of clients across the globe – spanning 17 countries and 4 continents.

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