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Our Gift Is Telling Stories. At MAGI, we understand how to craft effective, results-oriented communications which empower our clients to reach and often exceed campaign goals. From high-concept artistic content through guerrilla social media marketing, we can develop a solution that’s right for your business.

Founded in 1998, The MAGI have worked with hundreds of clients across the globe – spanning 17 countries and 4 continents. Our team of highly skilled professionals apply advanced storytelling techniques in a wide variety of media to advance our client brands.


Founded in 1998 by our Creative Director Garnet McPherson, MAGI delivers communication solutions for multiple sectors – from NGO’s through Enterprise-level businesses across Canada and the globe. As a communications and marketing consultant for over forty years, McPherson has worked with hundreds of clients and brings extensive experience and expertise to our communications group.

For years, MAGI has been growing its local and Global Creative Network of net-savvy professional designers, illustrators, writers, photographers, marketers and video producers to offer clients a top tier experience rarely found in today’s communications market.


~Change Through Story~
Masterful storytelling with powerful imagery has the capacity to maximize retention and transform human behavior, therefore we use our creative know-how to help Clients discover their brand’s optimal messaging and purpose – while playing a meaningful role in their customers lives and in the global community.

~Always Evolving~
Over the years we’ve seen profound changes and the potential that new technologies have on the communications industry. From McPherson’s early pioneering research into information retention through MAGI’s current endeavor to maximize client results through automation technology, the room for growth in a company’s communications strategy is enormous and always evolving – as are we.

~Developing Opportunities~
MAGI is built on ideas and dependent upon the people behind them. The culture behind MAGI revolves around a profound respect for creativity, where the path you choose is your own, the places you can go truly limitless. From our global Creative Talent Network to our local Creative Studio Campus, we help talented people grow.

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Media Arts Group Inc.

Media Arts Group Inc.