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The MAGI is a global creative network. We help talented people grow.

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What We Offer

We help talented people grow. MAGI is built on ideas and dependent upon the people behind them. The culture behind MAGI revolves around a profound respect for creativity, where the path you choose is your own, the places you can go truly limitless. So if you would like to join our creative community let us know about your talents.

Founded in 1998, MAGI has worked with hundreds of clients across the globe – spanning 17 countries and 4 continents. Utilizing strategic communication techniques to tell stories in ways that produce measurable results, MAGI’s team of highly skilled professionals apply its advanced communication techniques in a wide variety of media.

Masterful storytelling with powerful imagery has the capacity to maximize retention and transform human behavior, therefore we use our creative know-how to help Clients discover their brand’s optimal messaging and purpose – while playing a meaningful role in their customers lives and in the global community.

Requested Skills

  • Brand Development 70%
  • Marketing Campaigns 90%
  • Creative Content Design 80%

The MAGI – A Global Creative Network

Frequently Asked Questions

MAGI has built a Creative Campus just outside Toronto, Canada featuring a complex of Production and Training Facilities. For local applicants considered, a guided tour will be arranged though working within these studios may be optional based on project type.

As our network grows globally, the ability to function within a small team, be creative and contribute based on your own merit are essential skills we require. Our team members frequently communicate and work in the Cloud, allowing for a seamless workflow, regardless their location.

We sometimes receive a large volume of applications. While we make every effort to reply to each candidate as soon as possible, the time period may vary depending on when you applied, which position you applied for and how many applications we have received. We apologize for any delay, and thank you for your understanding.

What kind of clients do you work with?

MAGI delivers communication solutions for multiple sectors – from NGO’s through Enterprise-level businesses across Canada and the globe.

What skills are you looking for?

We’re looking for talented individuals with a broad range of skills and welcome candidates from any of the disciplines featured under our Services umbrella. The above Graph reflects our current needs, though all candidates will be considered.

What information should I submit?

Ideally, you would submit a CV and Portfolio for us to review. A Cover Letter centered on how you can improve our organization would also go a long way. We work with talent both locally and remotely, and frequently hire on a project basis.

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Media Arts Group Inc.

Media Arts Group Inc.